Serious Game Classification

How to Blorrble-Blobble (A Blorrble-Blobble game about consent.) Jared Sain (U.S.A.), Jennifer Ann's Group (U.S.A.), 2017 Play it Now !

Video Game


  • Educative message broadcasting
  • Informative message broadcasting


  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Humanitarian & Caritative


  • 8-11
  • 12-16
  • 17-25
  • Students

The 2019 Games for Change Awards Finalist for "Most Significant Impact", Rispek Danis, is based on How to Blorrble-Blobble!

World Vision Vanuatu liked how consent was handled in "How to Blorrble-Blobble" and collaborated with Jennifer Ann's Group to create a version for young people living in Vanuatu. The result was Rispek Danis, a culturally relevant version of "How to Blorrble-Blobble" created for young people living in Vanuatu.

Rispek Danis has characters, locations, and dialogue culturally releveant to ni-Vanuatu youth but retains the same card-selection game mechanics, offbeat humor, catchy beats, and colorful images as "How to Blorrble-Blobble."

The Vanuatu RISPEK program reached more than 3,920 people across Vanuatu. By engaging adolescents before they begin dating with prosocial messages, young people can learn the value and meaning of healthy dating relationships.