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Attraction Studio 4C - Koji Morimoto (Japan), INPES (France), 2010 Play it Now !

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AVOID : explanation of this brick DESTROY : explanation of this brick MOVE : explanation of this brick SELECT : explanation of this brick
This game is on the verge of being a promotional clip along a manga style to promote health and prevent such dangers to the attractiveness of tobacco.
  The player follows the written instructions:
  - Capture the colors of the input code
- Move the mouse left and right will wake up one character
  - Move the mouse to avoid the guests of the evening and leave
- Destroy the pyramid

the player has the opportunity to not have interactions. An approach which illustrate the dangers of tobacco and also not to start smoking.

At the end of the game, there are information on the cigarettes.
The playful side is also present through the converter:
x (number) of cigarettes = x (number) CD, basket, ...