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Culture Overlord Lucas Vially (France), Jennifer Ann's Group (U.S.A.), 2020 Download it Now !

Video Game



  • Education
  • Culture & Art
  • Advertising


  • 8-11
  • 12-16
  • 17-25
  • Students

Culture Overlord is the 2020 winning game from the 13th annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge which rewarded game developers for creating a game that examines the role of culture in the attitudes and beliefs about dating relationships.

An important goal of Culture Overlord is to encourage players, especially young people, to consider what impact movies, books, songs, games, websites, and more has on them. More specifically, what attitudes and beliefs are they acquiring from these various forms of media.

"Making a game is quite a challenge. Making a game to adequately teach something is even more difficult. The topic of culture and its influence on our daily lives is complex and important. I hope my game manages to effectively introduce players to the subject."

- Lucas Vially, Creator of Culture Overlord