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3D Angers 2010 Browser Optishops Mairie de le ville d'Angers France
Basketball 2012 2012 Browser Google Google U.S.A.
Space Buggy 2002 Browser DESQ DESQ United Kingdom
Word Worms 2003 Browser DESQ DESQ United Kingdom
Streetwise 2003 Browser DESQ Channel 4 Learning United Kingdom
JeuxDeMots 2007 Browser Mathieu Lafourcade LIRMM France
The Quest For R2 D2 2009 Browser Three Melons Lego Star Wars Argentina
Whiplash: Slash and Burn 2010 Browser LittleLoud Studios Marvel Studios United Kingdom
Can You Stop It? 2009 Browser B2B GAMES SFR France
EnerCities 2009 Browser Paladin Studios A Consortium of 5 education institutions and an energy agency. Netherlands
Interactive zombie movie adventure 2010 Browser Katie O'Brien / Logan Mcmillan / Bryce Holthousen... Hell Pizza New Zealand
Follow Your INSTINCT 2010 Browser SamsungCanadaFilms Samsung Canada
Make Me Play a Song! 2010 Browser MysteryGuitarMan MysteryGuitarMan U.S.A.
Google Chrome Fastball 2010 Browser BBH Google International
Win Win Manager 2009 Browser Marco Greco, Fabio Patriarca / The Business Game (Università degli Studi di Udine) The Business Game / Max Formisano Training Coaching & Consulting / Comteam Italy
L’Heure des Bilans 2010 Browser APEC
Drôle de Matière 2010 Browser Centre des Sciences de Montréal Centre des Sciences de Montréal Canada
Maisons extraordinaires 2010 Browser Milan Presse (Mobiclic) / Museum de Toulouse Milan Presse (Mobiclic) / Museum de Toulouse France
Astérix et le tour des droits 2007 Browser Editions Albert-René/Goscinny-Liderzo La Défenseure des Enfants France
Wallace’Workshop 2009 Browser BBC BBC United Kingdom
Largo Winch 2009 Browser Entropic Synergies Entropic Synergies France
Viaje al pasado 2004 Browser CCDMD CCDMD Canada
Airwear Junior 2010 Browser Interaction Essilor France
Meet the Magic 2010 Browser Avenue Digital Media Lausanne Service des sports Switzerland
Neurodyssée 2010 Browser Belle-Productions Chancellerie du Premier Ministre Belgium
Tragedy of the Tuna 2007 Browser Eric W. Orts Wharton's Learning Lab U.S.A.
Houthoff Buruma the game 2010 Browser Houthoff Buruma Houthoff Buruma Netherlands
World Without Oil 2007 Browser Writerguy LLA / ITVS Writerguy LLA U.S.A.
Traces of Hope 2008 Browser British Red Cross British Red Cross United Kingdom
The Curfew 2010 Browser Littleloud / Darren Garrett (Director) / Simon Parkin (Producer and Game Design&#3 Channel4 United Kingdom
The Arcade Wire: Airport Security 2005 Browser Persuasive Games / Ian Bogost Persuasive Games U.S.A.
Douste Blazy 2001 Browser Alexis Gauthier Douste Blazy France
Evoke 2010 Browser Natron Baxter World Bank Institute U.S.A.
Connect with Haji Kamal 2010 Browser Kinection World Warfighter U.S.A.
Le Tapis Rouge 2.0 2010 Browser Ellicom Ma carrière techno / Techno compétences Canada
Sexy Subaru Forester 2009 2008 Browser Subaru Subaru Canada
Quest Atlantis 2009 Browser Center for Research on Learning and Technology (CRLT) at the School of Education Indiana Uni Indiana University U.S.A.
My2050 2011 Browser Delib The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) United Kingdom
Magnum Pleasur Hunt across the Internet 2011 Browser Unilever Golin Harris (Magnum) International
CyberProtect 2010 Browser Carney Carney U.S.A.
Playing History: "Slave Trade" 2011 Browser Serious Games Interactive / New Danish Screen Serious Games Interactive Denmark
Fascinantes momies d'egypte 2009 Browser landesmuseum Stuggart Alcoa - Musée de la civilisation Quebec Germany
Go Greengo ! 2010 Browser Comeen Comeen
Jeu SEO Black Hat 2009 Browser France
Kompany 2011 Browser ouat entertainment education nationnale France
Fitocracy 2012 Browser Fitocracy (Brian Wang / Richard Talens) Fitocracy U.S.A.
SSII-lejeu 2005 Browser AGSI (Aurélien Guitet) AGSI France
Les jeux de Lulu, le lutin malin 1999 Browser Les jeux de Lulu / Régine Les jeux de Lulu France

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