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Greenlife Office, sensibilisation aux éco-gestes du bureau 2010 Browser (Flash) Sysope Sysope France
Greenlife Challenge 2010 Browser (Flash) Sysope Mairie d'Issy-Les-Moulineaux France
Greenlife Kids 2009 Browser (Flash) Sysope Sysope France
Le professeur Biotritus 2010 PC (Windows) SYTRAD et Donuts France
Waialae Country Club / True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club 1991 Nintendo 64 (N64) / Super Nintendo (SNES) T&E Soft T&E Soft Japan
Downing Street Fighter 2010 Browser (Flash) t-enterprise t-enterprise United Kingdom
Piggy Bank Adventure 2010 Browser (Flash) T.Rowe-Price Disney Etats-Unis
Math Evolver 2008 PC (Windows) Tabula Digital Tabula Digital Etats-Unis
Dimenxian 2005 PC (Windows) Tabula Digital (Dimension U) Tabula Digital (Dimension U) Etats-Unis
A.I. Wars: The Insect Mind 1996 PC (Windows) Tactical Neuronics Tactical Neuronics Etats-Unis
Arcade Trivia Quiz 1989 Amiga / Amstrad CPC / Atari ST / PC (Dos) / ZX Spectrum TAG Computer Games Zeppelin Games Limited
Jet de GO!2 2002 PC (Windows) / PlayStation 2 (PS2) Taito Corporation Taito Corporation Japan
Takeshi no Chousenjou 1986 NES (Famicom) Taito Corporation (Takeshi Kitano) Taito Corporation Japon
Beyblade 2001 Playstation (PSX) TAKARA Co. TAKARA Co. Japan
RePlay: Finding Zoe 2007 Browser (Flash) Take Action Games METRAC Etats-Unis
Bubble game 2011 iPad / PC (Windows) Take Part Media France
Vos en Haas: Het ij van uil 2002 PC (Windows) Takka Takka Lannoo Nieuwe Media Belgium
Vos en Haas: Het plan van Haas 2003 PC (Windows) Takka Takka / Telraam Lannoo Nieuwe Media Belgique
Energetika 2010 PC (Windows) Takomat GMBH Allemagne
The Operational Art of War II: Modern Battles 1956-2000 1999 PC (Windows) TalonSoft TalonSoft
STORMtrail 2010 Browser (Flash) TAMBA Blacks Royaume-Uni
Apartment 13 2009 Browser (Flash) TAMBA OCR Royaume-Uni
Bluscape 2009 Browser (Flash) TAMBA Blu-ray Disc (Sony) United Kingdom
Diamond Detonation 2009 Browser (Flash) TAMBA Coloured Rocks Ltd. Royaume-Uni
Beat the Burglar 2009 Browser (Flash) TAMBA Kwik Fit Insurance Royaume-Uni
Wild west coin fest 2008 Browser (Flash) Tamba Seach and apply United Kingdom
House Party Flash Dance 2010 Browser (Flash) Tamba Frosty Jacks Cider Royaume-Uni
Fletcher Library Game Project 2006 Browser (Flash) Tammy Allgood West Campus at Arizona State University Etats-Unis
Uuno 2001 Browser (Flash) Tampere university of applied science (TAMK) TAMK Finlande
The Secret Codes of C.Y.P.H.E.R.: Operation Wildlife 1991 PC (Dos) Tanager Software Productions Tanager Software Productions U.S.A.
Premiers combats 2011 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Tanukis Fondation du BTP France
BackPacker Junior 1997 PC (Windows) TATI Mixedia IQ Media Nordic Sweden
Custody 2009 PC (Windows) Team Akrasia / Global Game Jam 2009 University of California International
Fraxinus 2012 Browser (Flash) Team Cooper BBSRC Royaume-Uni
Monster In My Pocket 1992 NES (Famicom) Team Murata Keikaku Konami Japan
Novicraft 2008 PC (Windows) TeamingStream / Ludocraft TeamingStream Finlande
Water Game 2005 Browser (Flash) Tearfund Youth EU Funding Royaume-Uni
Climate change pentathlon 2005 Browser (Flash) Tearfund's Tearfund's Royaume-Uni
Potato Invaders! 2005 Browser (Flash) Tearfund's Tearfund's Royaume-Uni
Puzzle Pipes! 2009 Browser (Flash) Tearfund's Tearfund's Royaume-Uni
Property Savvy 2007 Browser (Flash) Tech Savvy Tech Savvy Australia
Malaria Spot Bubbles 2012 Browser (Flash) Technical University of Madrid Technical University of Madrid Espagne
Le passeur 2016 Technicité et club manga de la bibliothèque de Morlanwez, Mariemont Curious craft Belgique
SoftSkillers 2015 iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Mobile / Mobile (Android) Technobel
Nephi's Quest 1990 PC (Dos) TechnoCrafts Unlimited Inc. Compuclassics Corporation U.S.A.
Response Ready 2007 Browser (Flash) Tecoman Distil Interactive Canada
Amazing Bumpman 1986 ColecoVision Telegames, Inc. Telegames, Inc.
Zoombinis: Island Odyssey 2002 Macintosh / PC (Windows) TERC The Learning Company Japon

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