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The Kids Puzzle 2003 PC (Windows) Naor Ben Meir NaorSoft Israel
The Legend of Lotus Spring 1999 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Women Wise Dreamcatcher / Syrinx (France) Canada
The Legend of the Cheetocorn 2009 Browser (Flash) Transistor Studios Frito Lay International
The Life Stage 1993 3DO Micro Cabin Corp. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
The Little Raven & Friends: The Tricycle Story 2002 Macintosh / PC (Windows) BVM Produktion GmbH Tivola International Germany
The logo Turtle 1969 The Logo Turtle Seymour Papert Etats-Unis
The Lost Island of Alanna 1998 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola Company U.S.A.
The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain 1995 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line Etats-Unis
The Lost Tribe 1995 PC (Dos) Lawrence Productions Kidsoft LLC Etats-Unis
The Magic School Bus Explores Bugs 2000 PC (Windows) KnowWonder Microsoft Corporation U.S.A.
THE MANAGEMENT GAME 1958 Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh
The Manhole: New and Enhanced 1992 PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) Cyan Worlds Activision Publishing U.S.A.
The Marriage 2007 PC (Windows) Rod Humble Rod Humble Etats-Unis
The Men Who Stare At Goats 2009 Browser (Flash) Overture Films Overture Films Etats-Unis
The Middle East 2006 Browser (Flash) U.S.A.
The Middleton Mystery 2008 PC (Windows) Mean Machine / Lateral Visions Picture House contemporary arts exhibition at Belsay Hall Royaume-Uni
The Mindty Ant 2010 Macrotellect Ltd. ( NeuroSky Inc China
The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy 2003 PC (Windows) games2train Think3 Etats-Unis
The Mummy maker 2010 Browser (Flash) BBC BBC Royaume-Uni
The Music Machine 1983 Atari 2600 Christian Software Development HomeComputer Software Etats-Unis
The Neverwinter Nights Learning Environment 2007 PC (Windows) Altered Learning Altered Learning Royaume-Uni
The Normals test 2008 PC (Windows) Liam Kemp SOFTWARE: 3DS Max 6/7/8, Brazil. Royaume-Uni
The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure 2004 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Terzio Verlag GmbH Viva Media Allemagne
The Operational Art of War II: Modern Battles 1956-2000 1999 PC (Windows) TalonSoft TalonSoft
The oregan trail 1971 Apple II / Macintosh / Mobile (Android) / Nintendo 3DS / PC (Windows) / Tablet (Android) MECC MECC Etats-Unis
The Oregon Trail 1971 Apple II / Atari 800 / Macintosh / PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) John Hoffmann / Anthony Stone / Pablo Jara Meza / MECC MECC / Broderbund / The Learning Company Etats-Unis
The Oregon Trail 2008 Mobile (Android) / Mobile (BREW) / iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / Mobile (Java ME) / Nintendo DS / Mobile (Windows Phone) Gameloft S.A. Gameloft S.A. France
The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition 1997 PC (Windows) Learning Company Learning Company U.S.A.
The perfect flight 2007 Browser (Flash) Cherry & cake BMI Belgique
The Pink Panther : Passport to Peril 1996 PC (Windows) Wanderlust Interactive Anglia Multimedia Etats-Unis
The Pink Panther: Hokus Pokus Pink 1998 PC (Windows) Wanderlust Interactive Ravensburger Interactive Media GmbH
The Playroom 1989 Amiga / Apple II / PC (Dos) / Macintosh Brøderbund Software Brøderbund Software Etats-Unis
The Pocket Geek 2008 Browser (Flash) QNX software system QNX software system Canada
The Quest For R2 D2 2009 Browser Three Melons Lego Star Wars Argentine
The real ButtHead 2006 Browser (Flash) TonaZ Alberto Zano TonaZ Alberto Zano Italy
The Redistricting Game 2009 USC Game Innovation Lab - part of the USC School of Cinematic Arts', Interactive Media Divis USC Annenberg Center for Communications Etats-Unis
The Republia Times 2012 Browser (Flash) Lucas Pope Etats-Unis
The Restaurant Game 2007 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Jeff Orkin / Deb Roy MIT Media Lab Etats-Unis
The Riverbed: An Eco-Noir Mystery 2010 Browser (Flash) Mary Wharmby Mary Wharmby U.S.A.
The Rugrats Movie: Activity Challenge 1998 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Brøderbund Software Brøderbund Software Etats-Unis
The Sacred Amulet 1999 Playstation (PSX) / PC (Windows) Cryo Interactive Entertainment Cryo Interactive Entertainment France
The Second Kids' World Almanac Adventure 1990 PC (Dos) Hi-Tech Expressions Hi-Tech Expressions U.S.A.
The Secret Codes of C.Y.P.H.E.R.: Operation Wildlife 1991 PC (Dos) Tanager Software Productions Tanager Software Productions U.S.A.
The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary 1992 PC (Dos) / Macintosh MECC MECC Etats-Unis
The Secrets of Da Vinci : Le Manuscrit Interdit 2006 Macintosh / Mobile (Windows Mobile) / PC (Windows) Kheops Studio / Mzone Studio / TOTM Studio Nobilis France
The Settlers: Smack a Thief! 2000 PC (Windows) MadCat Interactive Software GmbH Blue Byte Studio GmbH
The Shoot Down 2010 Browser (Flash) Brandmovers YellaWood Etats-Unis
The Simpsons Cartoon Studio 1996 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Big Top Productions Fox Interactive U.S.A.

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