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Swedish Armed Forces Recruitment Campaign 2008 Browser (Flash) ACNE Digital / DDB Stockholm Swedish Armed Forces Sweden
Caduceus 2008 Browser (Flash) FableVision / MIT Education Arcade Hospital Boston U.S.A.
RescueSim 2008 PC (Windows) VSTEP VSTEP Netherlands
Guitar Praise 2008 PC (Windows) Digital Praise Digital Praise U.S.A.
Mission Lighting 2008 Browser / Mobile ZMQ-Teri Initiative ZMQ-Teri Initiative India
Free Culture Game 2008 Browser (Flash) Molle Industria Molle Industria Italy
Operation PedoPriest 2008 Browser (Flash) Molle Industria molleindustria Italy
Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City 2008 Browser (Flash) Global Kids and Gamepill Global Kids and Gamepill U.S.A.
Oiligarchy 2008 Browser (Flash) Molleindustria Italy
Raid Gaza! 2008 Browser (Flash) Raitendo, Marcus Richert newgrounds Japan
Pos or Not 2008 Browser VPI, mtvU, Kaiser Family Foundation and POZ Magazine VPI, mtvU, Kaiser Family Foundation and POZ Magazine U.S.A.
At-Risk 2008 Browser (Flash) Kognito Interactive U.S.A.
C0NSENT! 2008 Browser Global Kids / Digital Refinery Global Kids / Digital Refinery U.S.A.
Anti-Phising Phil 2008 Browser (Flash) Carnegie Mellon University's Privacy and Security Lab (Lorrie Cranor) Wombat Security Technologies U.S.A.
FloodSim 2008 Browser (Flash) PlayGen Aviva formerly Norwich Union United Kingdom
Le code perdu : musée de la civilisation 2008 Browser (Flash) iXmédia Musée de la civilisation situé au Québec Canada
Mindhabits 2008 Browser (Flash) MindHabits MindHabits Canada
Buzz!: The Schools Quiz 2008 PlayStation 2 (PS2) Relentless Software SCEE United Kingdom
Villes de France 2008 Browser (Flash) Pascal et Olivier HENRY la Société des Jeux Culturels France
Doritos: Dash of Destruction 2008 Xbox 360 (X360) NinjaBee Microsoft Games Studios U.S.A.
Nude School Dating Sim 2008 PC (Windows) Nude Heaven Software Nude Heaven Software U.S.A.
Ars Regendi 2008 Browser Redmaze Redmaze Germany
Go Wild! 2008 Browser (Flash) British Telecom
AMA Go Green 2008 Mobile (Java ME) Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd (AMA) Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd (AMA) United Kingdom
Rooftop Racer 2008 Browser (Flash) Crispin Porter + Bogusky Coca-Cola Zero U.S.A.
Sock And Awe 2008 Browser (Flash) PopJam Fubra Limited / PopJam U.S.A.
Harpooned 2008 PC (Windows) Harpooned Conor O'Kane / Kevin Ross / Alex Parker / May O'Kane Australia
Didi & Ditto Preschool - Mother Nature's Visit 2008 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Kutoka Interactive Inc Kutoka Interactive Inc U.S.A.
Twix: Get the girl 2008 Browser (Flash) Mars Mars U.S.A.
Englisch macht Spaß 2008 Nintendo DS Kritzelkratz 3000 GmbH dtp young entertainment GmbH & Co. KG Germany
The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time 2008 Macintosh / PC (Linux) / PC (Windows) IBM IBM U.S.A.
Kung Fu Panda: Path of the Panda 2008 V.Smile VTech VTech International
Get out and play 2008 Browser (Flash) Nokia Nokia Finland
Deliver the Net 2008 Browser (Flash) United Nations Foundation United Nations Foundation International
Operation Resilient Planet 2008 Macintosh / PC (Windows) FIlament Games National Geographic / The JASON Project U.S.A.
Reflect 2008 PC (Windows) Mike Treanor University of California (Santa Cruz) U.S.A.
Race Bolt 2008 Browser (Flash) Puma
History Channel: Lost Worlds 2008 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Canopy Games Digital Brandplay U.S.A.
Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals 2008 Browser (Flash) PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) U.S.A.
KetnetKick 2 2008 PC (Windows) Larian Studios VRT NV Belgium
Think Logik Trainer: Think Again 2008 Nintendo DS Independent Arts Software GmbH dtp young entertainment GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Letter Lab 2008 PC (Windows) Freeze Tag Freeze Tag U.S.A.
Luka und der verborgene Schatz 2008 PC (Windows) DECK13 Interactive GmbH Polizeiliche Kriminalprävention der Länder und des Bundes Germany
Shopping life 2008 Browser (Flash) France
Die hard 4 Relevez le défi! 2008 Browser (Flash) 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox U.S.A.
Niquitin 2008 Browser (Flash) Actiplay via agence H Niquitin France
Beat the spartans 2008 Browser (Flash) Jetset studio Fox international U.S.A.
Gaming is not a crime 2008 Browser (Flash) Carburant / 300k Sega

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