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Hexan 1987 Atari 800 / ZX Spectrum Rabbit Software Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza
Hieperdepiep, Ik Lees! 1995 CD-i / PC (Windows) SPC Vision B.V. Philips Interactive Media Benelux B.V.
High Dive 2010 Browser (Flash) Matmi games Vimto United Kingdom
HighCycle 1983 Autre Autodesk Autodesk U.S.A.
Hilfe für Amajambere 1995 PC (Dos) Art Department Werbeagentur GmbH Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung Germany
History Channel: Lost Worlds 2008 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Canopy Games Digital Brandplay U.S.A.
History Games 2012 PC (Windows) Interaction Games Interaction Games France
History of Biology 2010 Browser (Flash) Spongelab Interactive SpongeLab Interactive Canada 2017 Browser (HTML5) David Harms David Harms U.S.A.
Home Safety Game 2002 Browser (Flash) LV Streetwise and LV= working in partnership with RoSPA Department of Trade and Industry Modernisation Fund United Kingdom
Home Sweet Home 2017 PC (Windows) Leyla Ahmadova, Andréa Farias Hofmänner, Liudmyla Gapiuk, Clément Rohner TECFA Switzerland
Hometown U.S.A. 1988 PC (Dos) Manley & Associates Publishing International
Homicide 2004 PC (Windows) Max Møller, Svend Ask Larsen, Lars Vilhelmsen, Jacob Jaskov & Anders Skovgaard-Petersen Centre for Learning Games - Learning Lab Denmark
Honda Fit 2009 Browser (Flash) American Honda Motor Co
Honoloko 2004 Browser (Flash) Agence Européenne pour l'Environnement (AEE) / OMS World Wide Pictures (WWP) International
Hoofdrekenen 1990 PC (Dos) HVB HVB Netherlands
Hooters Road Trip 2002 PC (Windows) / Playstation (PSX) Hoplite Research Ubisoft U.S.A.
Horror Pic-Nic 2004 Browser (Flash) / Julian Alvarez ( / Midam / Alexis Gauthier Belgium
Hospital Waste Disposal 2007
Hot & Cool - À la découverte du polystyrène expansé 2010 Browser (Flash) Marc Manuello, Géraud Soulie, Sébastien Cardona, Pierre-Jean Griscelli / ENJMIN PSE France
Hot Rod Monster Squad 2001 PC (Windows) Image Space Inc. Hasbro Interactive
Hotel 626 2009 Browser (Flash) B-Reel / Goodby, Silverstein Doritos / Frito-Lay U.S.A.
Hotshot Pinball 2008 Browser (Flash) McDonalds U.S.A.
House Party Flash Dance 2010 Browser (Flash) Tamba Frosty Jacks Cider United Kingdom
Houthoff Buruma the game 2010 Browser Houthoff Buruma Houthoff Buruma Netherlands
How to Blorrble-Blobble 2017 Browser / Browser (HTML5) Jared Sain Jennifer Ann's Group U.S.A.
How to talk corporations... about games 2008 Browser (Flash) Distil Interactive Freeware Canada
How to Weigh an Elephant 1989 PC (Dos) Softdisk Publishing Softdisk Publishing U.S.A.
Hubert le stagiaire 2008 Browser (Flash) ad carré ad carré France
Huggly Saves the Turtles: Thinking Adventures 2000 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Mindsai Productions Scholastic U.S.A.
human defense 2012 iPhone / iPod Touch Heliceum Heliceum
Humano Bio 2014 Browser / Browser (Flash) / Browser (HTML5) FraceTVEducation FraceTVEducation France
Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Right Angle Peter Pan Industries U.S.A.
Hungry Red Planet 2002 PC (Windows) Health Media Lab (Noah Falstein) Health Media Lab U.S.A.
Hupchoo: The Gorps and the Sneezing Spell 1997 PC (Windows) SCOPS Software Telstar Electronic Studios Ltd. United Kingdom
Hurdles 2012 2012 Browser Google Google U.S.A.
Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City 2008 Browser (Flash) Global Kids and Gamepill Global Kids and Gamepill U.S.A.
Hush 2007 Macintosh / PC (Windows) University of Southern California University of Southern California U.S.A.
Hutnet Island 2008 Browser (Flash) Orange / Julian Alvarez (Ja.Games) / Valérie Maffiolo / Toma Danton Orange / Whosegame France
Hutspiel 1955 GEDA (Goodyear Electronic Differential Analyzer) / PC (Windows) Army ORO (Operations Research Office) predecessor of RAC (Johns Hopkins University) Army ORO (Operations Research Office) predecessor of RAC (Johns Hopkins University) U.S.A.
Hynui 2003 Palm (OS) Palm Palm U.S.A.
I can be a Dinosaur Finder 1997 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Cloud Nine Entertainment Macmillan Digital Publishing USA U.S.A.
I Can End Deportation 2009 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Silouhette Studios Breakthrough Australia
I Spy Junior 1999 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Black Hammer Productions Scholastic U.S.A.
I Spy Junior: Puppet Playhouse 2000 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Black Hammer Productions Scholastic U.S.A.
I've Got Your Number! 1979 Magnavox Odyssey² (Videopac) Magnavox Magnavox U.S.A.
I, Robot 2004 Browser (Flash) Big Space Ship Fox international U.S.A.
I.M. Meen 1995 PC (Dos) Animation Magic Simon & Schuster Interactive

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